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In collaboration with Kiss the Frog (technical development) we created an interactive whiteboard app for primary schools. With this app from Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) children learn about modern dance in a playful way. The choreography ‘The Statement’ forms the basis of the app which was made for primary school groups 7 and 8.

Concept /Design technical development: Kiss the Frog

The students can view fragments of the choreography along with short dance videos and discuss these. And also experiment with video fragments in order to create and perform their own dance.
The visual style of the app highlights the title of the app: it’s a statement! We opted for bright and contrasting colours, strong shapes and pronounced combinations.

For the design of the icons and pictograms we let ‘stickers’ and visual elements from contemporary social media culture inspire us.‘The Statement’ is the third digital whiteboard app – besides “Parade” (2018) and “Dreamplay” (2019) – in an ongoing series which we continue to create for NDT.

technical development: Kiss the Frog