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The philosophy behind Rudolf Steiner’s educational method can be summed up by one phrase: ‘becoming who you are’. Which also was a great starting point for developing a new visual identity. Asking us to think about a new identity meant a giant leap for the school, as it had always been deeply rooted in Jugendstil design.

Concept /Design art direction: Studio Beige
photography: Annet Delfgaauw

In order to break with tradition but still do justice to the ideas of its founder, we proposed a clear-cut typographical logo which is to be complemented by a range of quirky, more playful characters based on the initial letters of the school’s name. The freedom the client therefore has in assembling the logo conveys Steiner’s philosophy of personal unicity perfectly.

We asked Annet Delfgaauw to make a series of portraits of a limited number of the students which all ooze power and confidence – proud to become who they are.

art direction: Studio Beige
photography: Annet Delfgaauw