Sacha Grootjans
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Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) holds a firm position in the international field of cutting edge contemporary dance. The company is all about roots and tradition while at the same time being in the vanguard of developments and focusing on experiment. These elements are conveyed by the NDT logo.

Concept /Design photography: rahi rezvani

Clarity, asymmetry and white space play a key role in this visual identity. It implies motion and is designed to radiate power and simultaneously reflect elegant simplicity thus mirroring NDT’s approach to their craft. Alongside the well balanced use of typography the outspoken framing of the photography highlights the importance of the NDT dancers.

The overall picture suggests a certain theatrical consonance, of different elements coming together in harmony, resulting in a dynamic beauty that attracts and engages. In 2016 the NDT visual identity was granted a European Design Award.

photography: rahi rezvani