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De Wijnwinkel is a Dutch wine importer, national distributor and retailer based in Amsterdam. Since 1986 they’ve been working directly with small-scale, family-owned wine producers from Europe, and have been building a fantastic, extraordinary community of wine lovers.

Code /Concept /Design Illustrations: Floris Tilanus

Studio Beige was initially asked to develop a new webshop for De Wijnwinkel. However, we all quickly realized that the logo and visual identity needed our attention as well. The visual identity became a carefully balanced marriage between strong typography (inspired by authentic French storefronts) and an elegantly detailed visual language.

We also integrated and updated the vignette based on their very recognizable red (physical) shop facade. The characteristic illustrations by Floris Tilanus give the overall appearance a very distinct character, which suits both De Wijnwinkel and the people behind it.

Illustrations: Floris Tilanus